Saturday, October 15, 2005

Bikini's make them do it!

If you still think that the Zionists force the Jihadi's to go nuts - because of the Palestinians, who are so terribly humiliated by the Jews, who stole their land - you have to do some mental acrobatics: it is not about the Zionists!

It's about bikini's.

"Alcohol, bikinis, that kind of thing makes Muslims angry. Don't do that when visiting a country with a Muslim majority," he said. "I'm sorry, Australian culture makes war on morality. They come to Bali with bikinis, they make war on morality. Not physical war, morality war. Respect the culture and religion of Indonesia."

Who is this he?

Well, he is an expert: he is a brother of two of the bombers of the 2002 Bali bombing.

According to the son of this expert the bombers go to heaven:

'He believed the first Bali bombing committed by his uncles was justified because it discouraged tourists in Bali. "If Muslims died in that action, the Muslims will go to heaven," he said.'

Don't believe me; read it yourself.


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