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Bin Laden and Benni Landau

Bin Laden and Benni Landau
The following narrative has recently come to my knowledge; Needless to say I cannot vouch for its authenticity. I have filled in some minor details
It concerns the true identity of Osama Bin Laden.
There is no doubt about the date and place of birth and the identity of his parents nor with regard to the first 30 odd years of his life. But there is much reason to believe that the true Osama disappeared one day in the Sudan and was replaced by one Benni Landau. This was the result of a project carried out by the Mossad in collaboration with the CIA. Their intention was to gain a foothold among the developing jihadi movement and to manipulate it.. The idea occurred to Bin Laden's later handlers having watched The Manchurian Candidate a well known film of the 1960s. The script was by George Axelrod a New York Jewish writer, the main roles were played by Laurence Harvey a South African Jewish actor whose really name was Skikne. The other central character was Frank Sinatra, who (what is less know) is of Chinese-Jewish origin (Sin in Hebrew means China, atar is “place”) It \is well known that one or two of the lost Jewish tribes settled in China and some of their descendants still live there. Nor is it a matter of pure accident that one of the best known songs of said Sin-Atra is called “New York New York”
The technique used in the Manchurian Candidate for a change of personality is brainwashing , but this was considered impractical and hence the idea of a substitution arose. Agents of the Mossad found a tall young man in a suburb of Nashville Tennessee, the son of a realtor, who had a gift for languages and a sense of adventure. Not much persuasion was needed to persuade him to accept the assignment that was planned for him.
For thr next ten years he became what is technically known as a sleeper. But he was a very active sleeper. He underwent intensive training in various Arab dialects, he traveled widely in the Arab world, went on the Haj to Mecca, enrolled at Al Azhar religious university in Cairo and became virtually indistinguishable from an Arab his age.
Meanwhile the real Bin Laden after a few years of militancy had settled in Sudan where he bought a farm at Soba and various other enterprises. In April 1995 Bin Laden went out to inspect a distant part of his farm, but he did not return before the late evening , his horse had jolted, he had a bad fall with major facial injuries. A doctor was called who suspected concussion and prescribed two weeks of bed rest. In truth the switch had taken place; no one knows what happened to the real Bin Laden.
Benni Landau played his new role admirably. True, there were some minor slip ups, he behaved a little strangely and did not remember certain things, but everyone thought that these were the after effects of the fall , which the doctor had predicted. Benni L. gradually disposed of those who had been \closest to him, his four wives were sent home to Saudi Arabia and replaced by others. One of his servants continued to voice astonishment and suspicions, but he had an unfortunate fatal accidentt during a hunt that same summer.
During the next two years until his expulsion from Sudan Benni grew into his new role .perfectly. On Friday mornings after the prayers he went to the horse races, later to his office in Mak Nimr street. The new Bin Laden was more militant than the old one who had been content to engage in his various business activities. He talked increasingly about the need to intensify jihad and when he was expelled in 1997 to Pakistan and later Afghanistan he quickly mobilized the cadres of Al Qa'ida which subsequently was to be come the main terrorist force among the Islamists.
But why had Mossad and CIA engaged in this complicated ,expensive and risky maneuver? The explanation is obvious. The wirepullers were aware of the rising militancy among young Muslims and they wanted to use the substitution as a provocation. If the terrorists had been a bit more patient their base would have been much stronger, their weapons more sophisticated. All the false Osama had achieved was one major operation in New York followed by a dozen minor attacks which did not shake the West but made it aware of the threat facing it .The correct strategy would have been to lull it into a false sense of security. Furthermore the ultraradical strategy led to internal war between Sunnis and Shi'ites. In brief, by acting prematurely the false Osama had caused irreparable harm to the cause he professed to serve.


Blogger NoMediaLies said...

Sure, this conspiracy is a little bit over the top. But it has some points in it that could very well be true.

For example the Mossad and CIA collaboration. Everyone knows that they work closely together. Also it is well known that the Bush family knows certain members of the Bin Laden family.

Knowing all this, it could very well be that the Mossad/CIA would want a person in the far east who follows their commands. So if the Mossad/CIA would want to start a war, they could just call in the help of their little helper, Bin Laden in this case.

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Laqueur,

With all given respect, I am happy the CIA and the Mossad cooperate - which they should do - and I am happy that they do *not* rule out any "wild", unlikely or so-called "weird" views on/interpretations of things by default, because that is what their job is all about - to think sharply about every possible constellation of things, using whatever dimenson possible. Drawing conclusions is a completely different thing.

And posting some of these ideas - conspiracy theories - into a blog does not add a single piece of knowledge (definetely data, maybe information) at the *intellectual* level. We need facts, because strong, wild theories and half-cooked-facts are the all-so-common ingredients of nowadays mainstream media. Avoiding these is the main reason I read this blog.

1:41 AM  
Blogger Christoph said...

Dear Walter,

thank you very much for this phantastic story. From now on I will think about it every time listening to a Frank Sinatra song. :-)))

2:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If anybody wants war there is no reason to blow up 3.000 ppl, in worst case 50.000 rsp.

Phantastic story :-)

7:32 AM  
Anonymous Peter Netherlands said...

A very strange story are there any references to actual events that support this scenario?
Does laqueur checked any of this or is it just gossip?
The only thing I find strange is that almost everyone of al qaeda is
arrested or killed but Bin laden is supposedly still on the run.
I therefor do sometimes think he turned secretly informer for the American government and sold out his old salafist buddies for which he could stay untouchable, but that is just guessing.
Can Laqueur substantiate his story
with more facts?

6:18 AM  

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