Saturday, October 15, 2005

Bush's low is high

You have read the messages in the MSM about Bush's low ratings. I've seen many articles that almost glow because of Bush's reducing popularity. Schadenfreude, is the German word.

One cannot deny it: relative to his earlier performances, Bush has hit a low.

But how low is low? We don't know yet if this is the lowest low Bush can go, but according to many MSM articles his crew is in deep trouble. The vast attacks on him (Iraq, Katrina) and the enormous publicity concerning the problems of his crew (Rove, DeLay) have had a biting effect on his standing.

But: is the context right?

Here are the lows of the last 7 presidents:
Bill Clinton: 37 percent
George H. W. Bush: 29 percent
Ronald Reagan: 35 percent
Jimmy Carter: 28 percent
Gerald Ford: 37 percent
Richard Nixon: 24 percent
Lyndon Johnson: 35 percent

Bush stands at 38% now. He has still a long way to go to go lower than Nixon or hero of the Eutopians and the lunatic fringes, Carter.

Until now, Bush's low is still higher than Clinton's.

Did you read that in your MSM-newspaper?

You can read about this here.


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