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conspiracy--a competition

Conspiracy theories a competition
The other day in the middle of a Washington radio phone-in a gentleman from the Middle West announced that President Kennedy had been murdered because he tried to cut the CIA budgt/ \. When asked for the source of this startling information the caller said “that it was all in the archives”. It was a relatively harmless example of a condition called conspiracy theory, a term which goes back to the year 1909; the word conspiracy is of course much older, it can be found as far back as the early 14th century. Its original meaning was to “breathe together” to agree, to unite” but also “to plot”.
Conspiracy theories were relatively infrequent in the 19th century, except at the very end with the campaign against the Elders of Zion, the masons and the Illuminati.. But in recent decades, and especially in recent years there has been a tremendous upsurge of conspiracy theories. There are even encyclopedias about the subject,; the media are full of it, so are the bookshops and even more the Internet. \\\\\C.G. Jung the great Swiss psychologist was quite right when he wrote that the high tide of parapsychology, astrology and similar pastimes was not , as frequently believed, the Middle Ages, it is the present ime.
The same is true with regard to conspiracy theories. It is difficult to think of any major event (let alone any major disaster) which has not attracted the conspiratologists, \from the murder of President Lincoln to John Lennon and Princess Diane. Hundreds of of conspiracy theories have been woven around events such as 9/11 and the Iraq war but also natural disasters such as AIDS, globals warming, Katrina and most recently the Chinese bird disease.There have been countless conspiracy theories about Pearl Harbor, about the Pope and the Jesuits, about the Council of Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg group, about extraterrestrials and of course the Zionists.
Not all conspiracy theories are bona fide. When a French author wrote a book in which he proved that the attack against the Pentagon in September 2001 never took place, there is no certainty whether he really believed in it or whether the motive was to produce a bestseller. It is also true that according to a well know saying even paranoiacs have enemies. But the overwhelming majority of these theories are sincerely and intensely believed, among their protagonists are British and German ex-government ministers. and even a few scientists.
How to explain this enormous popularity of conspiracy theories? This is a subject that has ben insufficiently studied so far ; the late American historian Richard Hofstetter wrote an important essay on the subject many years ago but it dealt only with the United States ,the subject certainly needs further investigation.
If one were to prepare a geopolitical atlas on the diffusion of political paranoia,, the Arab countries and some ;parts of the Muslim world would probably emerge on top. It is widely believed in these parts ( by about 80% or more) that the Israelis carried out the attacks of 9/11. For how to explain that 3000 Jews working in the World Trade Center had been warned and did not appear to work that day? Muslims lacked the know how and sophistication to carry out a complicated operation of this kind. But at the same time about equal numbers believe that the brave jihadis were the heroes of 9/11 and America had the punishment coming in view of its anti-Arab and anti Islamic policies. These beliefs are not restricted to the more backward sections of sockety, they are widespread among academics and the TV station Al Jazeera , among others, has made a notable the spread of these beliefs.
However. other parts of the globe` are also close contenders in this race for the conspiracy championship. Historically the far right was the main champion of the belief in the “hidden hand”but in the 1930's the Soviet Union was not lagging far behind with the propaganda about Wallstreet as the source of all evil, and the Moscow trials constituted another breakthrough. They proved that the Old Bolsheviks had all been agents of British and French, Polish, Romanian and Japanese intelligence. This trend continues to day among many anti Globalists and the believers in the neo conservative conspiracy, with Leo Strauss having replaced Leon Trotsky.
However conspiracy theories are also strongly represented in the Mediterranean world and other European countries,. Less so in India and China but quite prominently in Japan.
I do not think we shall find any time soon convincing explanations for the prevalence of conspiracy theories, and why some societies are more prone to believe in them than others. But the attempt should be made and I would like to suggest a competition—Readers are asked
to submit the most fascinating conspiracy theories they have encountered off late.. We are not in a position to offer an award at this stage , but if a donor will be found , it will be announced. I shall present in a forthcoming posting an example.


Blogger Christoph said...

My conspiracy-contest contribution:

The Tsunami in Asia in December 2003 was caused by a secret Jewish nuclear test in that region. And of course Israeli tourists have been warned before. (broadcasted on German TV:

Best wishes!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time for a class action lawsuit against the CIA!

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Blogger tal said...

My contribution to your contest:
Widespread belief among the Palestinian people and in the Arab world is that Yasser Arafat's death was caused by Israeli poison. Now, poisoning is actually one of the possible causes of Arafat's death, according to the medical report of the French hospital where Arafat spend his last days. Other possible causes are AIDS or some kind of infection.

We'll probably never will know the whole truth, but Arafat's death cause sure is hot material for conspiracy theorists.

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Blogger tal said...

Lady Diana's tragic death has given food to conspiracy theorists through the years. Today's Jerusalem Post devotes an article to a frontpage story published in the British newspaper Sunday Express about a new conspiracy theory linking her death to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The English newspaper claims that Diana was murdered by British and French secret service agents because it was "feared she was about to give her public support to the Palestinians."

Such a declaration of support, the newspaper claims, from so popular and influential a figure, the secret service agencies are said to have feared, "would outrage Israel and spark a Middle East crisis."

The claim, it says, is fully detailed in a book due out early next year, called Cover Up, by journalist-author Nicholas Davies. Two years ago Davies published "Diana: Secrets and Lies".

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Anonymous Robert said...

[b]The mental, emotional, and physical onslaught[/b]

If you want to control a population you must suppress their desire or ability to think for themselves and see what is going on around them. This is done through the manipulation of the mind and emotions, and with drugs, vaccines, and food additives. It is vital that we realise that those who control the drug companies are the same as those who control the food giants - and the "health agencies", media, governments, banks, corporations, and all the rest. Millions of people are dying every year of diseases like cancer and AIDS who could be returned to health if they were allowed to choose from all the treatments available and not be confined to the primitive scalpel and drug. I have sat in treatment rooms, for example, and watched people cured, sometimes in 15 minutes, of complaints for which their doctors have either offered major and expensive surgery or no hope at all. This includes a woman who was so ill with lung cancer she had to be driven to the treatment centre because she did not have the strength to drive a car. After one treatment she was driving herself. Eventually, as her treatment and improvement continued, she went back to the doctores who had said that there was nothing they could do. Their new tests showed that she was cancer free. This "treatment" is no miracle because there are no miracles, only the natural laws and forces of creation at work. It is our knowledge of how to harness these forces that has been suppressed and people ignorantly follow what the "experts" tell them is possible.
One healer I know used to be a conventional surgeon until he saw the truth of what was going on and how knowledge was being kept from us all. This includes doctors. The Illuminati has structured the training of the medical profession to turn out people who advance their version of "truth". You can only pass your medical exams if you conform to this official "truth" and you only keep your job if you continue to do so throughout your career. It is the same with scientists, teachers, government officials, the whole lot.

[b]The manipulation of medicine[/b]

There is far more to the human entity than a physical body. That is the least of what we are. It is the genetic spacesuit through which our eternal conciousness, the thinking, feeling us experiences this frequency range we call the physical world. The brain is the computer, the switching station, which connects our immortal mind to our mortal body. We don't think [i]from[/i] the brain, we think [i]through[/i] the brain. People with brain damage do not have damaged minds; they have a damaged computer, which cannot transmit the messages of the mind to the physical level of experience. The mind is an energy field working through the brain, not the brain itself. Our emotions are another energy field and these different levels of being are connected through a series of vortexes known as "chacras", a Sanskrit word meaning "wheels of light". In this way, stress in our emotional energy field, which manifests as an imbalanced vibration, is passed down the levels through the chacras. What is the first thing that happens when we get stressed and emotional? We stop thinking straight. This is the imbalanced emotional vibration disrupting the clarity and balance of the mental energy field. If the stress is serious enough, and goes on for long enough, the imbalanced vibration begins to affect the physical body. This vibrational imbalance interacts with the body cells to cause chemical changes and this is what we call "disease", or dis-ease as it really is. It is only at this point that the medical profession gets interested, when the vibrational imbalance affects the physical. They either prescribe a drug to try to reserve the chemical changes or take the person for surgery to cut away the result of the chemical changes. This is what we call "advanced" medicine! They treat the symptom and not the cause because they do not understand what the human entity really is. They see, and therefore treat, only the physical body. That is what the Illuminati system trains them to do and insists they do not deviate from.
True healers treat and remove the energy imbalances that are causing the physical effect. They do this by using their own bodies to "channel" energy from the infinite supply all around them through their hands to the patient. There are many other forms of vibrational and energy healing, also. Acupuncture needles balance the energy flows inside the body, while crystal therapy and homeopathy are using the vibrations of crystals and plants to balance the patient's energy field. Of course their are charlatans in these alternative methods, too, but on nowhere near the scale of those in the drug cartels and medical authorities. When the cause is removed, its physical consequences disappear and this is reported as a "miracle cure", but, like I say, it is nothing of the kind. I have experienced some of these "miracles" myself. The physical body has an energy blueprint known to healers as the "etheric body" and when this is damaged or imbalanced it manifests as physical dis-ease. You might imagine the etheric body standing by a pool and its reflection in the water as the physical body. When the etheric changes its state or form in any way, the same happens to the physical. So if you keep the etheric level in good shape, the physical will do the same. While I was writing this book, I bashed my toe and after ten days it was getting worse, not better. It was extremely painful to walk. A healer did some "hands on" healing, channeling energy to repair the damage to the etheric level. Within half an hour my toe was feeling better and within two days it was back to normal.
I have met healers who have worked on some famous people in the Far East and these are the healing methods the Illuminati use. They don't want us to know about such treatments and so they ridicule them, call them "quackery", or condemn them as evil, while secretly using them for their own benefit. Most of the "quackery" goes on every day in the official hospitals and doctors' surgeries and the evil is in the billions of people who suffer and die when they could be cured if these suppressed healing methods were in widespread use. This is not to condemn all doctors, only the system which imprisons them. Why do you think so many of the most prominent Illuminati like David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger are able to jet around the world like 40 years old when they are both in their 70s? By using the drugs that the Rockefeller pharmaceutical empire turns out for the rest of us? You must be joking. These people know they are causing the death and suffering of billions by their actions, but they don't give a shit, just as most humans don't give a shit about the plight of cattle. Their "medicine" is not designed to make us well in the true sense. Its prime aim is to suppress and dim our thinking processes, and make us subservient to authority. It's like sedating a cow or a sheep so they can be controlled more easily and won't run away when they see the slaughterhouse. Most of the medical profession have no idea this is so. They are just the fodder. They have to use the methods dictated from above if they wish to keep their jobs. When Guylaine Lanctot, a wonderful lady and professional doctor in Canada, began to expose the manipulation of the drug cartel and its agents in medical administration, she was struck off. See her excellent book, [i]The Medical Maffia[/i] (Here's The Key, Inc, Canada, 1995), available through Bridge of Love and my website. She also shows why the suppressed and ridiculed "alternatives" are more effective than the treatments she was trained to administer. We are multi-dimensional beings and exist on all frequencies and dimensions of creation. We can access the infinite ocean of conciousness or stay imprisoned in our little droplet, disconnected from the true enormity of who and what we are. If you were the Anunnaki-Illuminati where would you want humanity to be - stuck in the droplet or sailing on the ocean? One way they do this is by feeding us drugs and chemicals that suppress brain function, clarity of thought, and the ability to connect powerfully with our higher levels of being, or "sixth sense" of psychic awareness and intuition. This is the real reason behind all the drugs, vaccines, and food additives we daily consume. I will give you some examples of this war on the human brain and immune system, but really the list is simply endless.


One of the weapons is aspartame, an Illuminati creation that suppresses the intellect. It is now used in thousands of foodstuffs and almost every soft drink. And who are the biggest consumers of soft drinks? Children. They want to get the kids as early as possible and turn them into unthinking, unquestioning, clones for life.
Aspartame is an "artificial sweetener" and marketed as an alternative to the negative effects of sugar - which the Illuminati also control! It is known under trade names like NutraSweet, Equal, and Spoonful. Aspartame, wich is 200 times sweeter than sugar, was introduced in 1981 and has been the subject of 75% of the complaints reported to the Adverse Reaction Monotoring system of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These complaints have included headaches, dizziness, attention difficulties, memory loss, slurred speech, andf vision problems. Such symptoms are now known as "aspartame disease", just as the affects of the preservative Monosodium Glutamate are called the Glutamate Syndrome. John W. Olney, MD of the Washington University Medical School in St. Louis, believes there may be a link between aspartame and brain tumours. In an article published in the Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology, he says that animal studies reveal high levels of brain tumous in aspartame-fed rats. Dr Olney adds that aspartame has mutagenic (cancer-causing) potential according to studies, and a sharp rise in malignant brain tumours coincides with the increased use of aspartame. Even the US Navy and Air Force published articles in Navy Physiology and Flying Safety warning that:

[i]Several researchers have found aspartame can increase the frequency of seizures, or lower the stimulation necessary to induce them. This means a pilot who drinks diet sodas is more susceptible to flicker vertigo, or to flicker-induced epileptic activity. It also means that all pilots are potential victims of sudden memory loss, dizziness during instrumental flight, and gradual loss of vision."[/i]

And aspartame is no longer confined to diet drinks. It changes the brain chemistry and lowers the threshold for seizures, causes mood disorders and other problems of the nervous system. It is also addictive. Hence people often find it difficult to stop consuming the soft drinks that contain aspartame. Symptoms of multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, depression and other mood disorders have vanished in many patients after they stopped aspartame consumption. Ten per cent of this legalised poison breaks down after ingestion into methanol, a nervous system toxin also known as free methyl alcohol or wood alcohol. This is extremely harmful to the optic nerve. It is the main ingredient of "moonshine" liquor made during Prohibition and this was notorious for causing blindness. Methanol is rapidly released into the bloodstream, where it can become the neurotoxin and cancer-causing formaldehyde and formic acid, the poison in ant stings. Fancy a soda?
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in America, like it's equivalent in other countries, is an Illuminati front to block products that are good for humanity and to push through, without proper testing, those that suit the agenda. This happened with aspartame. First the FDA approved its use on the basis of ridiculous data and then had to withdraw that permission in the face of studies showing that it caused seizures and brain tumours in animals. But the FDA restored approval in 1981, despite the unanimous opposition of a Public Board of Inquiry, which had reviewed the scientific data and recommended a delay. Dr Ralph G. Walton, a Professor of Psychiatry at North Eastern Ohio University College of Medicine, reviewed all the studies on aspartame and found 166 with revelance for human safety. All of the 74 studies funded by the aspartame industry gave it the all clear, but 92% of those independently funded revealed safety problems. Which ones would you believe?
The reason this poison was approved against all the evidence is simple corruption. A commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, an acting commissioner, six other operatives, and two attorneys assigned to prosecute NutraSweet for submitting fraudulent tests, left the organisation to work for... NutraSweet, a trade name for for aspartame. One genuine scientist working for the FDA wrote to a US senator: "It's like a script for Abbott and Costello. It works like this: 'Approve our poison, and when you stop being a bureaucrat we'll make you a plutocrat! after it's licensed we'll pay off the American Dietetics, the American Diabetes Association, the American Medical Association and anyone we need who's for sale.'" Coca-Cola knew of the dangers of aspartame because, as a member of the National Soft Drink Association, it opposed the approval by the Food and Drug Administration. Its objections were published in the Congressional Record of July 5th, 1985. It said that aspartame was inherently unstable and breaks down in the can, decomposing into formaldehyde, methyl alcohol, formic acid, diketopiperazine and other toxins. So what is aspartame now doing in Diet Coke, the sales of which soared when it was added because it is so addictive? And "Diet" Coke is not "diet" at all. People who drink it get fatter, as with all aspartame products, because it increases the craving for carbohydrates by suppressing the production of seratonin. We are living amid a gigantic confidence trick. By the way, the Monsanto Corporation of St. Louis, Missouri, owned NutraSweet and another aspartame product, Equal. This is an Illuminati company to its fingertips and the promoter of genetically modified food as it did for aspartame. Members of the Working Group on Bio-Safety connected to the Convention on Biological Diversity in Cartagena, Colombia, make recommendations on the use of genetically modified food. The members include:

[i]Linda J. Fisher, Vice President of government and Public affairs for Monsanto and formerly with the US Environmental Protection Agency; Dr Michael A. Friedman, Senior Vice-President for Clinical Affairs at G.D. Searle & Co., a pharmaceutical division of Monsanto, formerly with the US Food and Drug Administration; Marcia Hale, Director of International Government Affairs for Monsanto, formerly assistant to the President of the United States; Michael (Mickey) Kantor, director of Monsanto, former Secretary of the US Department of Commerce; Josh King, director of global communication in the Washington, DC office of Monsanto, former director of production for White House events; William D. Ruckelshaus, director of Monsanto, former chief administrator of he United States Environmental Protection Agency; Michael Taylor, head of the Washington, DC office of Monsanto Corporation, former legal advisor to the Food and Drug Administration; Lidia Watrud, former microbial biotechnology researcher at Monsanto, now with the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Effects Laboratory; Jack Watson, staff lawyer with Monsanto in Washington, former chief of staff to the President of the United States, Jimmy Carter. Others include representatives from Dupont (major Illuminati bloodline) and Dow Chemicals (Illuminati). Their representative is Clayton K. Yeutter, former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, former US Trade Representative, who led the US team in negotiating the US-Canada Free Trade Agreement and helped to launch the Uruguay Round of the GATT negotiations. He is now a director of Mycogen Corporation, whose majority owner is Dow Agro-Sciences, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Dow Chemical Company. I am sure their recommendations will be devoid of any bias whatsoever, or my name isn’t Charlie Shufflebottom.[/i]


The story of Prozac, produced by the George Bush drug company, Eli Lilly, is the same tale of Illuminati corruption to impose a mind suppressant on the population. In 1982, David Dunner of the University of Washington began to accept more than $1.4 million from Lilly for research and seminars. Some of this “research” was for conducting a clinical trial with 100 people for Prozac. At the same time he was a member of the Food and Drug Administration’s Psychopharmacologic Drugs Advisory Committee, responsible for reviewing new drug applications for the FDA. Dunner was asked if he had any conflict of interest with Eli Lilly when he began to assess Prozac for the FDA, but he replied: “No pending commitments at the present time.” The FDA accepted this and yet Dunner had already given five seminars sponsored by Prozac producer Eli Lilly before this date. The seminars were about “depressive disorders” – the target market for Prozac. Dunner also failed to disclose that he had agreed to two further seminars for Lilly arranged to take place after Prozac was approved. According to the public record, Lilly’s test on Prozac showed it was little more effective than a useless placebo and an FDA statistician suggested to Lilly that the test results be evaluated differently to indicate a more favourable result. This they did. An FDA safety review established that Lilly failed to report psychotic episodes during Prozac’s testing, but there was no reprimand. By 1987, two months before the FDA approved Prozac, 27 people had died in controlled clinical trials. 15 were suicides, six by overdose, four by gunshot and two by drowning. Prozac was directly connected to all of them. Twelve other people in the process died, but the cause was not directly related to Prozac. In 1991 the FDA executive, Paul Leber, said he noted “the large number of reports of all kinds on Prozac” (more than 15,000). But Leber pressured personnel in charge of the agency’s adverse reporting system to discount these reports as “of limited value”. The number had reached 28,600 by 1992 with another 1,700 deaths. Yet the commissioner of the FDA, David Kessler, has said that: “Although the FDA receives many adverse event reports, these probably represent only a fraction of the serious adverse events encountered by providers. Only about one percent of the serious events are reported to the FDA, according to one study.” On that basis there were really around 2,860,000 adverse reactions to Prozac by 1992 alone. What will it be by now? The number is almost unimaginable. But they are introducing a form of Prozac for children and it is widely used among victims of mind control. I understand that Thomas Hamilton, the killer of the children at Dunblane in Scotland, was taking Prozac, and Eric Harris, one of the teenagers in the Columbia High School shooting, was reported to be taking the drug Luvox, which is given the same classification as Prozac. The main active ingredient in Prozac was found in the blood of Henry Paul, the driver of the car when Princess Diana was murdered. Prozac is just one of a long list of drugs designed to have the same effect.


Ritalin is another mind-altering drug that is targeted at children and can seriously affect their behaviour. It has been connected to many acts of violence. A 1995 report by the Drug Enforcement Agency warned that Ritalin “shares many of the pharmacological effects of… cocaine”. In fact, the US government classifies Ritalin in the same category as cocaine and heroin. Dennis H. Clarke, the chairman of the Executive Advisory Board, Citizens Commission On Human Rights International, said: “The use of Ritalin on children has no purpose other than to slow them down, shut them up, and make it more difficult for them to move around.” He says it is an easy way out for parents and teachers to give them a drug. Clarke highlights the findings f the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Third Revised Edition, published by the American Psychiatric Association. He says this supports his claims of the dangers of Ritalin for children. He says that all the critical information about Ritalin has been removed in the more recent edition and this confirms, he says, that the industry is involved in a cover-up. The industry says the removal was simply “an error”. Clarke suggests that children who take Ritalin in elementary school are often switched to Prozac and other drugs as they get older. The effects of Ritalin can continue long after the prescription is stopped, Clarke warns. Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, Director of the International Coalition for Drug Awareness, supports this view. She points out that adults who use these drugs are far more likely to commit violent crimes. Dr Tracy comes from Utah, home of the Mormon Church, where the use of Ritalin and Prozac is reported to be three times greater than the rest of the country per head of population. She said Utah’s rate of murders and suicides has increased by a similar amount. Dennis H. Clarke says that the high number of incidents involving violent children and the increase in child suicide, can be attributed to an ever-increasing number of children who are given drugs to control their behaviour. Clarke gave an example of a youngster involved in the Jonesboro killings in Arkansas:

[i]”We do know, for example, that the 13-year-old in Jonesboro was being treated. Apparently they were saying he had been sexually abused as a child. They were saying he was now a sexual abuser. He had a hyperactivity type label put on him as well – or ‘attention deficit disorder’. So we had several different things working with him. There is no chance under the Sun, Moon, or Stars that this kid was not on drugs.”[/i]

Clarke says that when a violent event happens, the pharmaceutical “crash teams” go to work to keep things quiet. Teams of psychiatrists are sent to the locations and quickly ensure that medical records are kept sealed, doctors are convinced to keep quiet, and victims are bought off to stop the case going to court. “It’s all being covered up, and it’s deliberate. There are billions and billions of dollars at stake here,” he said. David M. Bresnahan, a contributing editor for says he was told by an elementary school teacher in Utah that she routinely makes recommendations for children in her classes to be given Ritalin. She said 11 of the 29 children in her first-grade class are now taking the drug in school each day. Dennis Clarke predicts that the future will see even more violent children, unless the connection between Ritalin and violent acts is openly accepted. Clarke says that the general public, health officials, and parents are not recognizing the extent of a pandemic that is already sweeping the nation. Even the CIBA Pharmaceutical Company says in a product information release:

[i]”Warning: sufficient data on the safety and efficacy of long-term use of Ritalin in children are not yet available.”[/i]

Unbelievable. They are handing out Ritalin like sweets to ever gathering numbers of children and they admit they have no idea of the long-term effects! This warning is only there to head off lawsuits later when the long and short term effects are accepted. Herbert S. Okun, a member of the International Drug Control Board for the United Nations, told a news conference that his board is very concerned that methylphenidate (Ritalin) is massively over prescribed in the United States. He said there are [i]300 million[/i] doses of Ritalin taken each day in the US, compared with 65 million for the rest of the world. Our children are being systematically drugged and the teachers and parents are watching it happen, often encouraging it. The main targets are the kids with active minds and those who act differently to the norm.

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