Thursday, October 20, 2005

Holy war against newspaper

This comes from The Copenhagen Post: 'Internet collages threatening Denmark and daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten with death and retribution have begun circulating on the internet after the newspaper published caricatures of Muslim prophet Mohammed.'

On the internet the Jihad against Denmark already started: 'Daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende reported that the internet collages, posted in the name of an unknown organisation calling itself 'The Glory Brigades in Northern Europe', showed pictures of various tourist attractions in Denmark and stated that 'The Mujahedeen have numerous targets in Denmark - very soon you all will regret this', amongst other things.
Another picture showed soldiers, armed with bombs, over a map of Denmark, with blood spattered over parts of the country.'

I know: barking dogs don't bite (maybe I should not compare Muslims hotheads to dogs, who are not considered 'halal'), but it is clear that there are lots of Muslims surfing the internet who can't take a joke or a cartoon.

I want to tell them: if the Prophet really felt insulted, He had taken revenge Himself by striking the offices of the newspaper by lightning straight from heaven. But no lightning was reported - apparently He is not insulted!

Read about it yourself...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear leon de winter, i am reading your book hoffmans honger a book that i love so much and that is so funny and so briliant- then i googled you and i need to say something about islam i guess. i am iranian. i am female and let me tell you islamism- islamists etc.- 1. not all muslim countries are the same. 2. the rape that has done to islamic countries over decades by europe by telling us we are worth nothing (please have a look at edward said books, spivak books or books by frantz fanon) has made us like hindu fascists in india completely insane. its a way to resist european treatment of us as 2 rate people over decades. everything that is done in europe "we" regard as threat- because they have done is so much wrong, by colonizing us directyl indirectly- selling weapons to our leaders- by telling us we are nothing and when we imigrate to their countries- they tell us we shall fuck off as well. i doubt christians are in the right position to tell us what humanity is. the religion of LOVE as the christians like to call themselves has done the biggest crime to jews. its was not us. our queen ester was jewish. we know and knew very well to respect jewish people but since christian europe is now the moral preacher- people get angry because if you are told ofer generations that you are backwarded you then get militant. you get scared. and the big trauma of the jewish is not known to many arabs and imigrants they only know nobody likes them so they dont like anyone either. i wish the minorities in europe would interact more with each other. i hope you dont mind me writing you but i thought it might be useful. i think after communism or fascism the big threat is not islam- the big threat is an europe that has never apologized for what it has done to the so called "rest of the world" by colonizing, destroying, selling weapons and abusing. and i hate it when they use muslim womens- they say orthodox muslim women should free themselves. but when a orthodox female muslim wants a job- they dont give it to her. and being free is not being a second rate european- cause this is what we are- second rate people when we imitate westeners. we need to be self confident and free but not assimilitaed. see what has been done to the assimilated jews in europe? nothing. tolerance happens when i have the freedom to be different than you and still be respected. this means- dont make fun of us to the danish press. because the european continent has done enough to destroy the rest of the world bit by bit by selling weapons by destroying whole landscapes. many arabic countries are independent for only 40 years or 50 years. please be patient- they are traumatized as well- in a different way than jewish people are but by these danish or theo vangogh shit- muslims are easily triggered- its their traumata. they are hurt. and they dont know how to express it or how to deal with it. but the religion of love- christianity and the western countries love to teach us. as if they are in the right position to do so.

3:52 AM  

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