Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Iraq the Model

The Iraqi brothers who run the blog 'Iraq the Model' became worldfamous. They are in the middle of the events, and they have sharp eyes and clear minds.

The scandalous editorial in today's New York Times about Saddam's trial - 'a show trial' - is contradicted by the reality of ordinary Iraqi's.

Here is Iraq the model:

'We’re drawing the outlines of a change not only for Iraq but also for the entire region and I can feel that today we have presented a unique model of justice because in spite of the cruelty of the criminal tyrant and in spite of the size of the atrocities committed against the Iraqi people, we still want to build a state of law that looks nothing like the one the tyrant wanted to create.'

But I am sure, on Manhattan they know better...

Iraq the Model.


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