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Help Needed: When was the term Islamophobia (Islamophobie) first used? It was given fairly wide currency by some after 9/11. It was used infreqeuntly earlier on, for instance in a report by a committee in London in 1997. Does anyone know about use of the term prior to 1997? If so, please let me know.


Anonymous K. Thönnissen said...

Dear Walter,
maybe the following citation could be helpful (I can send you the complete article if you want):

L'islam en France

L'Express du 04/12/2003

Qui parle d'islamophobie?
par Eric Conan

Ce terme, qui a fait son entrée dans le débat sur l'islam, est une création des militants du communautarisme. Objectif: diaboliser la laïcité en la faisant passer pour du racisme.
L'«islamophobie» est en fait une invention militante. Caroline Fourest et Fiammetta Venner en retracent l'historique dans leur dernier ouvrage (Tirs croisés. La laïcité à l'épreuve des intégrismes juif, chrétien et musulman, Calmann-Lévy). C'est en 1979 que les mollahs iraniens utilisent ce terme pour stigmatiser les femmes qui refusent le voile et celles qui les soutiennent, comme la féministe américaine Kate Millett. L'invective sera reprise ensuite contre Salman Rushdie et Taslima Nasreen, et tous ceux qui s'opposent, dans les pays islamiques, au totalitarisme intégriste. Tariq Ramadan introduira le terme en France en 1998, mais il ne doit son succès récent qu'à la décision stratégique d'une partie de l'extrême gauche de s'allier avec l'islamisme au nom de la lutte commune contre l'Occident libéral.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps this will be of any help (or at least a start)


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think k. thönnissen sums it up nicely. I might add that I saw the term myself for the first time in the reporting on the UN anti-racism conference in Durban, which took place a few weeks before the attacks of 9/11. I have the impression it gained only world-wide currency after that conference

I live in Holland, and I believe the conference did not get as much publicity there as it did in many other countries, possibly because its overt anti-semitism was felt as too embarrassing for the otherwise very politically correct Dutch press. In Holland at least, the term surfaced considerably later (again, this is only an impression).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Laquer!

The term "Islamophia" was invented by the Mullahs immediately after the Iranian Revolution in 1979.
This information ist given by Chahdortt Djavann in her book "Was denkt Allah über Europa. Gegen die islamistische Bedrohung", page 79.
There exists a French version of this book - and maybe also an english one.
Thank you very much for your engegement against this new form of totalitarismus!!!
Maria Stückler

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