Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Saint Noam

I don't care what people do privately. I don't care that they are as opportunistic as possible and are trying to evade the Taxman and hire good tax lawyers to decrease the tax they have to pay.

Unless you are an icon of the Left and a spokesman of the anti-capitalist radicals who despise making money because you like making money.

And, naturally, Saint Noam Chomsky is just as pragmatic as we all are: he is using the advice of a good tax lawyer as well. While trying to get a socialist world revolution off the ground, he created a tax shelter for his own benefits.

I like personal benefits. Even for Noam.

Read this juicy piece.


Anonymous said...

It is, Sir, amusing that left some of the left do exactly the opposite of what they preach and, inveigh against others for.

Khodoroksky and the other investors in Yukos were some of those others. Putin shredded Khodorovsky and Yukos on the nonsense of `tax evasion' when, they had made great strides in serving Russian consumers by applying new capital to producing oil derived products at decreasing prices, from heating to industrial requirements.

Yukos was not the only company to do so and they all faced one singular problem, the control over logistics of the President and Cabinet.

Putin declared Yokos had obtained assets at bargain based prices. The difficulty is, Yukos and other independent companies ahd to raise capital just to develop oil fields.

Saving time and to presume others, have tracked the persecution of Khodorovsky, his partners, investors, employees, their customers: it all devloved down to, the Govt, aimed to grab Yukos's assests and for the reason the investment Yukos had made.

Yukos et al were drviing prices down, though, to protect profits against the hideous levels of taxation and also the rate at which the Govt is printing [ forging money].

Putin is committed to economic autarchy, his actions, often preceded by words attest that. He is committed to an arms race, aside from the reasonable taask of dealing with muslim terrorists and so forth: Putin having declared re-armament programmes as a race against, the U.S. [ Very odd that.]

Putin's policies for re-establishing economic autarchy pin the reason for what he did to Yukos: as of the Soviet Union, to import for the only purpose , govt. consumption.

The hypcorisy of the left: Khodorovsky and Yukos , its shareholders, employees, and other such combines were serving Russians. Putin et al wax fat and are ruining Russia. The banking collapse and flight of capital following soon after the arrest of Khodorovsky shows how little he has served the Russians except for inducing a new bout of impoverishment. Chomsky is a Putin, damn all but himslef.

Putin's sentiments are more admirable than Chomsky's: Putin expressed the wish to see Russians a bright star in the heaven civilisation. Trouble is,he is committed to much which issues into a burned out shooting star.

I tracked Yukos and Khodorovsky before the final crises, arrest of K., sequestration of Yukos. Wrote on it, it was depressing, more so watching predictions come true, from asserting Putin's aim is to seize Yukos, to collapse ion domestic markets and the unolding or, rather, the infolding of economic autarchy. Putin is a dunderhead.

He dreams a grand army, for more than fighting Islamo-fascists, and is killing the only thing which ensures he can realise his wish. That is Putin, the best said thing, then, of the Cabinet is nothing at all.

Noting, bye the bye, Putin and Cabinet have recently upped the rate at which they forge the rubles to `fund' their Soviet dreams revived (putin has stated that enough times and wihout reticence).

9:00 PM  
Anonymous d said...

To the above:

``Reading about this conference it occurred to me that the transformation of my friend Petrovsky was in many ways not the story of one person but that . of large sections of the new Russian political elite. Where will it lead Russia? I shall return to this subject in a day or two
posted by Walter Laqueur ''

With not just Yukos and K but the wider ramifications of Putin's and Cabinet in view as illumination, could Mr.Laqueur in his next article on the subject muse on them too, throwing in, perhaps, how an evaluation of young, enterprising, rising bloods such as Petrovsky, how they sit to the aims of Putin et al, their position and, how they'll fare, given, they are up against it in Putin et al.

9:12 PM  

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