Saturday, October 15, 2005

A staged soldier speaks up

'Yesterday, I (bottom right corner in the picture) was chosen to be among a small group of soldiers assigned to the 42ID's Task Force Liberty that would speak to President Bush, our Commander-in-Chief. The interview went well, but I would like to respond to what most of the mass-media has dubbed as, "A Staged Event."'

These are the words of one of the soldiers who took part in the discussion with President Bush which was world-wide by the MSM qualified as a staged event.

Thank God we live in the Age of the Blogosphere. Read his blog here. He is still serving in Iraq. He writes:

'The question I was most asked while I was home on leave in June was, "So...What's REALLY going on over there?" Does that not tell you something?! Who has confidence in the media to tell the WHOLE STORY? It's like they WANT this to turn into another Vietnam. I hate to break it to them, but it's not.'

The terrible truth is: he' s right, the media became a political force in intself, until recently unchecked, unbalanced, unfair.

I carefully see how U.S. politics are being described in the Netherlands, my homecountry, by correspondents who basically are being lead by what they read in The New York Times and The Nation. Fine publications, but they don't cover the whole spectrum of opinions and perspectives in this vast country.


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